The Link Between Truck Driver Fatigue & Commercial Trucking Accidents

Most truck drivers are under considerable pressure to arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to stay at the wheel for far too many hours in order to reach their destination on time. Without proper rest, drivers pose a significant safety risk to the public due to the role truck […]

How Truck Accident Investigations Commonly Work

Commercial truck drivers are required to abide by a complex set of rules and regulations which include commercial vehicle rules as well as everyday roadway regulations. In order to build a potentially successful claim against a trucking company or truck driver, personal injury attorneys often need to rely upon a truck accident investigation. The following […]

Protecting Your Rights in the Aftermath of a Commercial Truck Accident

No one wants to be in a traffic incident, and that includes crashes involving commercial trucks. However, knowing how to respond properly in the event of an accident is crucial to ensuring your safety and protecting your rights. Having a list of information that should be gathered to protect an individual’s rights will help avoid […]

Overloaded Semis Pose Significant Truck Accident Risk

When examining the causes of highway vehicle accidents, the improper loading and overloading of semi-trucks stands out as a significant factor in highway accident reports. Even though federal and state guidelines determine the weight limits for semis, these rules are not always followed, and the results can prove costly for commercial fleets, passenger vehicles on […]