Five Common Injuries from Car Accidents in Sarasota

Car accidents can result in wide range of injuries that can vary considerably in terms of severity. However, some types of injuries from car accidents are particularly common and account for the majority of the injuries that personal injury victims seek compensation. Back, Neck & Spine Injuries Many car accident victims suffer from whiplash due […]

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Approach Proving a Distracted Driving Case?

With more than 660,000 distracted drivers using a mobile device at any daylight hour in the United States, it’s no surprise that distracted driving accidents are on the rise. When innocent people are hurt due to a distracted driver’s negligence, they may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries by pursuing a personal injury […]

How Lack of Regulations Lead to More Workplace Accidents and Personal Injury Lawsuits

When asked, most people will say that less government regulation is better. In some cases, that can be argued. However, in regards to workplace safety, state and federal regulations are crucial to ensuring the safety of workers and the surrounding community. What happened in West, Texas, is an example of what can happen when regulations […]

Are Animals Put Down After Dog Bite Attacks?

In many instances, the answer is yes. Approximately 4.5 million Americans are the victims of dog bites annually. The Centers for Disease Control reports that nearly 885,000 of these victims require medical care for dog bites and half of those victims are children. Bites from larger breeds of dogs tend to require the most medical […]

Seeking Compensation for Lost Wages and Personal Injury Claims

Being the victim of someone else’s negligence can result in injuries that require a prolonged recovery period. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important that all seriously injured victims become proactive in ensuring that their rights are protected. While most attorneys will inquire about lost wages, the victim of these accidents should never make […]

How Long Can It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

One of the most common questions that a personal injury attorney hears is “How long does it take to settle a personal injury claim?” The answer to this question depends on numerous factors. Medical Treatment Before a person can receive a settlement offer, there are usually several stages that an injury must travel through. First, […]

Understanding the Role of Expert Witnesses Testimony in Personal Injury Claims

In some circumstances, expert witnesses can play a pivotal role in a claim. When a person files a personal injury claim, expert witnesses’ testimony can help add credibility to his or her argument. Types of Expert Witnesses There are various types of expert witnesses. In some cases, they may be medical doctors. In other circumstances, […]

Federal Trials Over DePuy’s Hip Replacement Device to Begin

Claims that the DePuy’s hip replacement device has failed as much as 49 percent has been heavily reported. In addition to the alleged failure rate, the device is believed to cause metal poisoning when chromium and cobalt ions enter the bloodstream. An Ohio federal judge is hearing the first case as a bellwether trial. Prosthesis […]

AAA: Drivers Becoming Less Concerned about Risky Driving Habits

According to AAA, Americans have become less concerned about dangerous driving habits in recent years. This fact seems astounding, especially considering there has been a 5.3 percent increase in traffic fatalities within the last year. AAA recently announced their findings from a four year study of public surveys. The foundation’s president and CEO had the […]

Are Rolling Right Turns Really That Dangerous?

An 8-year study showed that every year, the city of Los Angeles reports an average of 45 collisions that result from a rolling right turn. This number can be compared to 56,000 overall collisions in the area. Of the 45 accidents, 41 of them involved a failure to yield to oncoming traffic, which would naturally […]