Common Patterns of Nursing Home Abuse

Every year, innocent nursing home patients are abused at the hands of their caregivers. Family members may be able to protect their loved ones by learning how to recognize patterns of nursing home abuse. Physical Abuse Physical abuse takes place when caregivers slap, shove, restrain or otherwise apply force against a patient. Physical abuse can […]

Slip and Fall Accidents in Nursing Homes Often Lead to Broken Bones, Long Recovery

Falling is dangerous for anyone; however, for an elderly person who may be more frail than most, it can be devastating. As people age, their bones become weaker and break more easily. This is especially true if the person in question suffers from osteoporosis. Elderly people who live in nursing homes are particularly susceptible because […]

Understand Elder Abuse: Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and What to Do About It

Elder abuse, however, takes an undeserved back seat because there is very little coverage and/or visibility. In fact, the most common victims of elder abuse are those in nursing homes who have very little contact with the outside world. Even nursing home clients who get regular visits from family and friends are not immune. How […]