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Facts and Statistics About Pedestrian Accidents You Need to Know About

Facts and Statistics About Pedestrian Accidents You Need to Know About

accident pedestrianAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there was an average of one traffic-related pedestrian fatality every two hours and a pedestrian injury once every eight minutes in 2010. By becoming familiar with some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents, you can learn how to be safer when you are on the go in our area, regardless of how you choose to travel.

Risk Factors Associated with Pedestrian Accidents

Although every accident is unique, there are a handful of common contributing factors that often play a role in pedestrian accidents according to the CDC.
  • Age: The CDC has found that children and older adults are particularly at risk when it comes to being seriously injured or killed in a pedestrian accident. Nearly 20 percent of traffic-related fatalities of children aged 5 to 9 were pedestrians. Adults over 64 accounted for 19 percent of pedestrian fatalities in 2010.
  • Intoxication: Either a pedestrian or driver was intoxicated by alcohol at the time of the accident in 47 percent of all pedestrian fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents.
  • Speed: A vehicle’s speed can increase both the likelihood of a pedestrian accident taking place as well as the severity of a pedestrian’s injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Location: When it comes to pedestrian accidents involving loss of life, most accidents tend to take place in urban areas or locations without a nearby intersection.

How Can Pedestrians Avoid Being Involved in an Accident?

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to improve safety when you are traveling by foot, such as:
  • Use sidewalks. If you have to walk along a road where there is not a sidewalk available, walk on the side of the road that faces oncoming traffic.
  • Use designated crosswalks. Try to use a well-marked intersection to cross the street if a crosswalk is not available.
  • Increase your visibility. Bright or reflective clothing can increase your visibility when you are traveling in low light conditions.

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