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Car Accident Neck Injury Settlement: What Kinds of Damages Can be Included?

Car Accident Neck Injury Settlement: What Kinds of Damages Can be Included?

neck injury settlementThe types of severe neck injuries that are associated with car accidents can result in considerable monetary losses and affect a victim’s quality of life for years to come. In many cases, victims may be eligible for compensation. The primary types of losses involved in these claims are for compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Types of Compensatory Damages for Neck Injuries

Compensatory damages involve the actual losses that an injury victim has suffered in an accident. When it comes to cases involving a car accident neck injury settlement, the types of monetary damages that may be involved in a claim include:
  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Loss of income
In addition to monetary losses injury victims may also experience:
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional distress

Types of Punitive Damages for Neck Injuries

In some cases, injury victims may be eligible for punitive damages in addition to compensation for their actual losses. Punitive damages are generally designed to punish the behavior that led to an injury taking place while serving as a deterrent to engaging in such behavior. A common example of punitive damages applies to cases involving victims of drunk driving. In the state of Florida, injury victims may be able to seek punitive damages against drunk drivers in addition to compensatory damages.

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