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Truck Accident Statistics Show Truckers Responsible for Less Fatalities than You Might Think

Truck Accident Statistics Show Truckers Responsible for Less Fatalities than You Might Think

truck accident statisticWhen most of us think about common causes of truck accident fatalities in the United States, we’re likely to focus on things like overworked truckers spending too much time behind the wheel and truck driver errors. However, truck accident statistics show that truck drivers are actually only at fault for a fairly low percentage of actual truck accident fatalities.

American Trucking Association study

In 2013, the American Trucking Association released the results of a study that was conducted to research the relative fault of the drivers of large commercial trucks and light passenger vehicles in truck accidents. To do so, the association studied the findings of multiple previous studies conducted on truck accidents. The study concluded that drivers of light passenger vehicles like cars, SUVs and pickups were at fault in about 75 percent of fatal truck accidents. When it came to less severe truck accidents, however, truck drivers and drivers of light passenger vehicles were found to be more or less equally at fault.

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

The Large Truck Crash Causation Study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that driver error was responsible for 87% of the accidents included in their study. Some of the more common driver errors responsible for truck accidents include:
  • Poor Judgment: Such as speeding, misjudging another vehicle’s speed and following too closely
  • Distracted Driving: Leading to a failure to observe a critical event on the road
  • Non-Performance: Such as falling asleep or having a medical emergency at the wheel
  • Poor Performance: Such as panicking or overcompensating for events on the road

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