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How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Approach Proving a Distracted Driving Case?

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Approach Proving a Distracted Driving Case?

distracted driving faultWith more than 660,000 distracted drivers using a mobile device at any daylight hour in the United States, it’s no surprise that distracted driving accidents are on the rise. When innocent people are hurt due to a distracted driver’s negligence, they may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries by pursuing a personal injury claim. In order to prove a distracted driving case, it is helpful if you can provide your car accident attorney with something that clearly shows that how a driver was distracted when the accident took place.

Using Eyewitness Testimony

In many cases, eyewitness testimony is available from individuals who clearly saw that a driver was distracted when an accident took place. Eyewitnesses can come in the form of occupants of the vehicle, other motorists and pedestrians.

Using Mobile Phone Records

Proving that a driver was distracted by a device can be more difficult when there are no eyewitnesses who saw someone with a device in their hand at the time, such as when a driver was using a hands free device. In some circumstances, a personal injury attorney can obtain texting or phone records from driver’s service provider that demonstrate a driver must have been using their device when an accident occurred.

Distracted Driving Bans

Now that Florida has a ban on texting and driving in place, it may be the case that a driver was charged for texting behind the wheel by an officer at the scene of the accident itself. With more people than ever using mobile devices nearly everywhere they go, distracted driving has become a problem that affects everyone in Brandon and throughout Florida. Until successful programs can be put in place that stop drivers from being distracted by their devices while they’re driving, innocent people will continue to be injured in distracted driving accidents.

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