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Study Claims Driving with a Hangover may be as Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

Study Claims Driving with a Hangover may be as Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

hungover driverThanks to educational campaigns and stiff penalties, most drivers are well aware just how dangerous drunk driving can be and know better than to get behind the wheel under the influence. However, according to a recent study, driving with a hangover can be very dangerous as well.

Dutch Study of Hung-over Drivers

The findings come from a study that was recently presented at the Australian Professional Study on Alcohol and Other Drugs Conference. The research demonstrated that a hangover can have a negative impact upon important factors like reaction time and concentration. A study that took place in the Netherlands involved a group of participants who had consumed at least 10 servings of alcohol the previous night. After verifying that their blood alcohol had dropped to zero and rating the severity of their hangovers, they’re driving ability was studied for a period of an hour. The results were then matched up with a similar driving test that the participants had completed on a different day. The results were surprising. The hung-over drivers committed the same amount of driving errors as drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 when it came to behaviors like losing weaving outside of their lanes and not paying attention to the road.

British Study of Hung-over Drivers

The University of the West of England recently conducted another study of hung-over drivers with similar results. After drinking heavily the previous night, volunteers were observed while driving on a simulated course once they were sober the following day. According to researchers, the hung-over drivers made considerably more errors than normal drivers when it came to behaviors like crossing line markings, driving erratically and reacting to conditions more slowly. In both cases, the studies showed that drivers were likely to make similar dangerous driving errors as drunk drivers without actually having any alcohol in their system. The findings may prove helpful in creating educational campaigns and policies geared toward educating the public about the full effect that alcohol consumption can have on driving safety.

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