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Seeking Compensation for Lost Wages and Personal Injury Claims

Seeking Compensation for Lost Wages and Personal Injury Claims

personal injury claimsBeing the victim of someone else’s negligence can result in injuries that require a prolonged recovery period.

That’s one of the reasons it’s so important that all seriously injured victims become proactive in ensuring that their rights are protected.

While most attorneys will inquire about lost wages, the victim of these accidents should never make the assumption that their lawyer is including lost wages. Engaging in a personal injury lawsuit goes beyond paying for medical bills and pain-and-suffering. Lost wages or loss of future wages is also part of the compensation request.

Able to work

Even moderate injuries can cause the victim to miss weeks or even months of work. It may even be that the injured person is unable to engage in the previous employment type.

For instance, an administrative assistant may no longer be able to type as the result of a whiplash injury. This would require the person to either seek employment in another area, often at a lower pay scale, or spend time and money retraining for a new occupation.

Future wages

Missing just a few days of work because of a personal injury would allow the victim to ask for recovery of the actual lost wages. When an injury means the person is no longer able to work, then asking for recovery of future wages is appropriate. A more catastrophic injury may necessitate the recovery of future earnings that the victim would have made had they been able to work.


In addition to any sick pay received from the employer, lost wage compensation is an important part of any personal injury action. In calculating the amount of lost wages, previous payroll records are the determining factor.

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Lost wages and personal injury claims can be complicated and confusing. Seeking assistance with filling out forms and negotiating with insurance companies may be wise. Florida residents may wish to contact a personal injury lawyer serving Sarasota. For a free initial consultation and case evaluation, call the law offices of Abrahamson & Uiterwyk today at 1-800-753-5203.


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