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Understanding the Role of Expert Witnesses Testimony in Personal Injury Claims

Understanding the Role of Expert Witnesses Testimony in Personal Injury Claims

what is expert witness testimonyIn some circumstances, expert witnesses can play a pivotal role in a claim. When a person files a personal injury claim, expert witnesses’ testimony can help add credibility to his or her argument.

Types of Expert Witnesses

There are various types of expert witnesses. In some cases, they may be medical doctors. In other circumstances, economic experts, product design experts and motor carrier responsibility experts may also serve an important role depending on the type of case. An accident Reconstructionist may be used in a case where liability in a car accident is in dispute.

Purpose of Expert Witnesses

Experts may be retained to provide important testimony that laypersons do not have the knowledge or experience to provide.

Medical experts can explain how a person’s health has been affected or injuries will affect a victim of a workplace accident or car accident. Economic experts provide testimony about the financial ramifications of an accident. Product design experts can be a valuable in a products liability case. Meanwhile, reconstructionists provide expert testimony about the likely cause of an accident.

Potential Problems with Expert Witnesses

Both the plaintiff and the defendant may call expert witnesses. Some expert witnesses may provide the same type of testimony for each case. Some medical experts may be retained by defense counsel to try to attack the plaintiff’s credibility and medical claims. The cost of medical experts has increased over the years, especially in product liability cases due to the preparation that is needed to provide the necessary testimony at trial.

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