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How Dangerous Are Car Radios When It Comes to Distracted Driving?

How Dangerous Are Car Radios When It Comes to Distracted Driving?

car radios and distracted drivingThe question of the amount of driving distraction caused by car radios has been going on since the early years of the automobile.

A raging debate in 1930s Massachusetts pitted the newly appointed registrar of motor vehicles, George A. Parker, against the Automobile Legal Association. Mr. Parker is reported to have commented to the Christian Science Monitor that if Massachusetts passed a radio ban, other states would follow suit.

Hands on the wheel

It is true that listening to the radio does not necessarily interfere with driving. The likelihood for a collision increases every time the driver’s attention is taken off driving for whatever reason.

On the website, the article “What is distracted driving?”  names adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player as a driving distraction. While the 1930s impact of car radios on driving safety is no longer the main source of driver distraction, it continues to be factor in distracted driving


Texting has gained a great deal of attention because of the need to focus on the cell phone instead of focusing on the road. While texting is currently the notorious leader of the pack, distracted driving happens whenever focus on driving becomes diverted.

Looking for a different radio station or taking the driver’s eyes off the road to adjust volume can be every bit as dangerous as a driver using a cell phone to text.

According to, distracted driving caused 10% of all injury crashes in 2011. Be safe. Set the radio station before beginning the drive.

If You’ve Been Hurt, a Personal Injury Attorney May be Able to Help

Being the victim of a driver who chooses to tune the radio while behind the wheel of a car can cause a lifetime of suffering.

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