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Protecting Your Rights in the Aftermath of a Commercial Truck Accident

Protecting Your Rights in the Aftermath of a Commercial Truck Accident

truck accidentsNo one wants to be in a traffic incident, and that includes crashes involving commercial trucks. However, knowing how to respond properly in the event of an accident is crucial to ensuring your safety and protecting your rights.

Having a list of information that should be gathered to protect an individual’s rights will help avoid the confusion that often follows an accident.

First things first

Injuries require medical attention. Depending on the level of injury, it may be difficult to gather information from the collision. For injured drivers and passengers, receiving medical treatment is the first priority.

Keep calm

If injuries do not prevent immediate collection of information, keeping calm will allow accurate determination of damage and injuries of those involved.

See what is there

Make notes or take photographs of the damage, the road conditions and any witnesses. Obtain contact information.

  • Names, phone numbers and addresses of witnesses

  • A description of the truck, name of the trucking company and license plate number

  • Insurance company of the trucker or trucking company

  • Vehicle Identification/registration of the truck

  • Name of the driver and driver’s license number

File the report

The extent of damage is not a factor in filing a police report. Even a minor accident should be reported to the police.

Do not discuss the accident

Limit any discussion regarding the accident to the police and your insurance agent. Do not admit liability or fault.

Call the insurance agent

As soon as possible, call your insurance agent. There may be an opportunity at the scene. The insurance agent is an objective professional. The agent will be able to ensure collection of all necessary information.

After an accident, we are here to help

At the time of the crash, even a minor one, you may be upset. Knowing what to do after a truck accident is a matter of planning ahead.

Working with insurance agents and police can also be a complicated process. A Florida truck accident attorney may be able to help. The law offices of Abrahamson & Uiterwyk offer a free initial consultation and case evaluation. Call (941)-677-2853 today.