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Avoid Bicycle Accidents by Understanding Common Bicyclist Hand Signals

Avoid Bicycle Accidents by Understanding Common Bicyclist Hand Signals

bicyclists hand signalsBicyclist fall under the same general laws that motorized vehicle operators fall under. Bicycle riders must obey traffic signals, road signs and established traffic laws.

Because of the small size of the bicycle compared to even the smallest car, bike riders are at higher risk for traffic injury or death.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports in 2011, 677 cyclists died, and 48,000 suffered injuries in motor vehicle traffic collisions. It is critical when cycling on the roads that both motor vehicle operators and bike riders recognize traffic hand signals.

Bicycle hand signal basics

Hand signals for left turns, right turns and stops recommended for motor vehicle operators apply to bicycle riders. Since there is no age limit on riding, children must be taught to use these hand signals at all times. When using bicyclist hand signals to indicate intention, other vehicles can take steps to avoid collisions.

Communicating when group riding

Group riding requires communication with others in the group. Hand signals are an effective way to accomplish passing information to the rest of the group. The Active website provides an excellent slide show demonstrating some other hand signals to be used when riding as a group. These signals can help indicate the following:

  • Stopping

  • Left turn

  • Right turn

  • Pothole/road hazard

  • Debris/gravel

  • Shoulder hazard

  • Pay attention and move over

  • Pull through

State by state

Detailed information on safe operation of bicycles may come from the local governing authority, such as that provided by New York City, or bicycling organizations such as the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and the Florida Bicycle Association. All vehicle operators, motorized or not, would do well to learn to recognize what bicycle hand signals indicate.

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