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Are Rolling Right Turns Really That Dangerous?

Are Rolling Right Turns Really That Dangerous?

rolling right turnsAn 8-year study showed that every year, the city of Los Angeles reports an average of 45 collisions that result from a rolling right turn. This number can be compared to 56,000 overall collisions in the area. Of the 45 accidents, 41 of them involved a failure to yield to oncoming traffic, which would naturally lead one to conclude that a rolling right turn is only dangerous if the driver doesn’t check to make sure that the area is clear. Most of these accidents were not serious and didn’t involve any major injuries.

Rolling Right Turn Statistics

In the city of Los Angeles, drivers are fined up to $500 for a rolling right turn violation. There are similar laws in Florida and in many other areas, and many people are questioning why. In the first part of 2010, red-light security cameras filmed over 49,000 rolling stops at a few different major intersections in Los Angeles. This driving behavior is clearly quite common, yet statistically, a driver would have to perform over 345,000 rolling right turns before one would result in an accident.

Does This Mean That rolling right Turns Are Safe?

It is always best to obey traffic laws completely and although rolling right turns do not often result in an accident, it would be in your best interest to come to a complete stop. You may think that the lane is clear, but there could be something you don’t see, and if you don’t give yourself a real chance to stop and look around, it might be too late. Many rolling right turn accidents involve an unseen bicyclist or pedestrian, and the last thing you want is to get into an accident that will haunt you for years to come.

Have You Been Injured as a Result of Someone Else’s Recklessness?

These accidents are rare, but if you do have one, you may be wondering where to turn. Did someone hit you while rolling through a right turn? Was there damage to your vehicle or person?

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