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Understand Elder Abuse: Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and What to Do About It

Understand Elder Abuse: Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and What to Do About It

Nursing HomeElder abuse, however, takes an undeserved back seat because there is very little coverage and/or visibility. In fact, the most common victims of elder abuse are those in nursing homes who have very little contact with the outside world. Even nursing home clients who get regular visits from family and friends are not immune.

How Can You Tell if an Elderly Person is Being Abused?

In some cases, there are signs of nursing home abuse that are easy to spot, including:
  • Broken bones
  • Bruises
  • Bedsores
  • Ligature marks on wrists, ankles or neck
Fortunately, most facilities that care for elderly clients do not have this problem. Those that do should be forced to answer for their behavior. If your have family members or friends who reside in nursing homes, keep a sharp eye for any of these easy-to-spot issues.

What if the Signs are not so Easy to Spot?

In other cases signs of nursing home abuse are not so simple and straightforward. A lot of elder abuse in nursing homes is covert and involves inflicting mental anguish and abuse on the elderly clients. Some of these insidious, hidden forms of abuse include:
  • Sexual abuse
  • Forced malnutrition
  • Withholding of proper medication
  • Giving the wrong medications, intentionally or not
  • Giving unneeded sedatives or other calming medications
  • Dehydration
If you or a loved one has suffered neglect and abuse at the hands of nursing home staff, a personal injury lawyer might be able to help. Call Abrahamson & Uiterwyk right away at (941)-677-2853 for a free consultation. Remember, neglect and abuse does not have to be intentional to be damaging. Do not let it pass. Take action today.

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