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Roadcheck 2013: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Pushes to Reduce Commercial Truck Accidents

Roadcheck 2013: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Pushes to Reduce Commercial Truck Accidents

Trucks are a crucial staple in the transportation industry in the United States and are ubiquitous on the nation’s highways. As crucial and widespread as trucks are, truckers need safe and reliable trucks that they drive safely and conscientiously.

What Can Happen if Trucks are Not Safe?

A fully-loaded semi weighs upwards of 40 tons, so if its brakes are faulty it can become a serious threat to public safety. Also, if the coupling apparatus that connects the cab to the trailer is defective or incorrectly attached, the parts of the truck can separate and cause accidents. Drivers who drive too long between rests or are improperly trained are equally hazardous because they are easily distracted and may not be able to handle making the split-second decisions that are often necessary on the road.

What is Roadcheck 2013?

Roadcheck 2013 is a comprehensive, nationwide truck inspection program involving the inspection of 14 trucks every minute over a three day period in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Since its inception in 1988, Roadcheck has inspected over a million trucks. State police Captain Norman Dofflemeyer said, “We’ll check the drivers, make sure they’re qualified, that they’re medically qualified, that their licenses are good, that they’re not wanted on any warrants. Then we’ll go to the vehicle and do a comprehensive nuts and bolts check, front to back.” The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance began the program to cut down on accidents caused by unsafe trucks. So far, 220 lives have been saved and more than 4,000 accidents averted, making the program an unqualified success. The CVSA is already planning Roadcheck 2014.

What Should You Do if You Become the Victim of an Accident Involving an Unsafe Truck?

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an accident involving an unsafe truck, a Sarasota truck accident lawyer might be able to help. Call Abrahamson & Uiterwyk today for a free initial consultation at (941)-677-2853.

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