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Recent Study from MADD Shows Many Alcohol-Related Teen Deaths Don’t Occur on the Road

Recent Study from MADD Shows Many Alcohol-Related Teen Deaths Don’t Occur on the Road

madd logoContrary to common belief, a recent study conducted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), revealed that nearly 70% of alcohol-related deaths among American teenagers do not happen on the road. The study is based on 2010 statistics from various government agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Highway Safety Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As an organization that firmly advocates against underage drinking, the national attention this study has received may give MADD the momentum they need to lobby for stricter regulations against underage drinking.

Underage Alcohol & Teen Deaths

The study found that the majority of alcohol-related deaths among teens are caused by non-vehicle related factors including suicides, alcohol poisoning and homicides. Underage drinking is a contributing factor in nearly 4,700 deaths each year. Causes of alcohol-related teen deaths included: Traffic fatalities: 32% of drinking related deaths among ages 15-20 occurred while on the road Homicides: 30% of alcohol-related deaths were homicides Suicides: 14% of these deaths are the result of suicide Alcohol Poisoning: 9% of drinking related teen deaths are caused by alcohol poisoning Aside from alcohol-related traffic incidents, teenage car accidents caused by texting and driving and other forms of distracted driving are on the rise among this population. In addition to texting and driving, distracted driving includes a number of other activities like eating and driving, using a cell phone to browse the web while driving and operating navigation systems while on the road. Any activity that requires the driver to take their eyes off the road, even briefly, presents a serious risk to everyone around them.

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