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Overloaded Semis Pose Significant Truck Accident Risk

Overloaded Semis Pose Significant Truck Accident Risk

overloaded truckWhen examining the causes of highway vehicle accidents, the improper loading and overloading of semi-trucks stands out as a significant factor in highway accident reports. Even though federal and state guidelines determine the weight limits for semis, these rules are not always followed, and the results can prove costly for commercial fleets, passenger vehicles on the road and the driver of the overloaded vehicle himself. Improperly loaded vehicles suffer harsh wear and tear due to their loads that can result in unsafe driving conditions. The federal government and state entities that regulate highway transportation set specific rules to ensure that vehicles are loaded and secured correctly. Transportation companies are required to file for special permits if they knowingly send overweight vehicles onto public roads and highways. The use of permits does not, however, prevent accidents, and the breaking down of parts on the truck and/or trailer can play a key factor in catastrophic incidents. One of the hazards of overweight vehicles is hampered breaking times that can make it difficult for drivers to respond to changes in traffic. Semis that are at capacity or permitted overweight take much longer to adjust to road and traffic conditions than vehicles that are loaded properly. Tests conducted by state transportation agencies have shown that vehicles that are loaded to maximum weight capacity are more likely to cause an accident than lightly loaded vehicles. The statistics rise for accidents when the same tests are used with vehicles that are permitted overweight as well.

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