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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

slip and fallEvery year, hundreds of individuals sustain serious injuries due to slip and fall accidents. However, many of these accidents are preventable. When a property owner neglects his duty to maintain safe premises, a person who is subsequently injured may be able to pursue monetary compensation for the injuries that he or she sustains. Property owners may be able to address some factors that can lead to potential accidents. These items represent some of the most common causes for slip and fall accidents:

Spills on Floors

Water, grease and food may spill onto the floor of grocery stores, markets and other businesses. If it is not wiped up quickly or a warning sign is not placed nearby, people may very easily slip and hurt themselves.

Weather Conditions

Although landowners cannot prevent bad weather from occurring, they may still have the duty to take steps to minimize any risk of harm. When customers track in rain and snow, the floors near entrances may become very slippery. Outdoor areas may become dangerous when built up water freezes onto sidewalks.

Plumbing Issues

A business may be affected by a broken or backed-up pipe, causing water to leak into areas where it is not expected.

Uneven Steps or Floors

A vinyl floor may have a dent, a carpet that buckles or pavement that slopes. People may not expect these irregularities and may inadvertently fall. Consumers may also fall on steps that are uneven, causing them to topple down stairwells and sustain serious injuries. When handrails are not installed, consumers may lose their footing and not be able to catch themselves.

Inadequate Lighting

When a pathway is well lit, people may be able to see any potential hazards. However, if there is not adequate lighting, they may become injured when they fall.

Unnecessary Clutter

Objects may be in a walkway that obstructs the passage, such as cords, debris, packages or wires. When customers do not see these hazards, they can trip over them.

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Generally, property owners are expected to maintain their properties in a safe manner when they are come in contact with the public through the establishment of a restaurant, store or other business. If you or a loved one has been injured while on someone else’s property, a Sarasota injury lawyer may be able to help. Call Abrahamson & Uiterwyk today at (941)-677-2853 for a free case evaluation.

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