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How Accident Reconstruction is Used in Personal Injury Cases

How Accident Reconstruction is Used in Personal Injury Cases

car in tunnelAfter an accident, it can be hard to know who was at fault. Accident reconstruction is a valuable tool for demonstrating fault and pursuing compensation in a personal injury claim.

Understanding the Cause of an Accident

Identifying who is at fault for an accident ensures that victims can seek compensation or a settlement from the right person or group. In order to understand who, if anyone, was at fault in a given accident, personal injury attorneys need to understand the complex scientific and engineering principles necessary in unraveling how the accident took place.

Lawyers Reach Out to Experts

A personal injury law team often works closely with investigators and car accident experts to figure out how an accident happened. Such legal professionals reach out to experts in the truck, automobile, engineering and accident reconstruction world. These professionals understand how to evaluate all of the evidence and may be able to testify about their findings in court and depositions.

Steps of the Process

First, investigators visit the scene of the accident and take photographs and videos. After this, the experts look at the physical evidence and police reports. Next, all of the information is analyzed using reconstruction software and simulations. The art of accident reconstruction has been refined over the years. Physical models can even be built for simulations. After careful analysis, the inspectors make conclusions that are supported by the evidence, accounts, witness reports and simulations. Many experts will use diagrams and video simulations to show people how the accident occurred. This helps even non-experts understand the causes of the accident.

Impact on Personal Injury Claim

Experts are methodical when figuring out the causes and effects of an accident. This is an in-depth investigation where experts analyze all of the evidence and draw conclusion. Their findings help personal injury attorneys demonstrate fault in an accident and fight for the rights of injured victims.

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