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Mother Designs Safe Driving App with Little Technical Experience

Mother Designs Safe Driving App with Little Technical Experience

safe text senderAfter a child was run over and killed in her town by a teen driver who was texting while driving, a mother created an app to attempt to prevent a future tragedy from occurring. The app is called Safe Text Sender and is designed to eliminate the distraction of a cell phone while a person is driving. To use the app, a driver activates Safe Text Sender immediately before he or she enters a vehicle. If the driver receives calls or text messages while the person has the app activated, the program will automatically respond to these calls and messages with an automatic reply that states the driver is using the app because he or she is currently driving. The automated response can be customized to provide a different message as determined by the driver. The mother who thought of the idea says that she was influenced by wanting to protect her own children, one of whom was a teen driver and another who was about to begin driving. She does not have any special technological background or knowledge but felt compelled to make a difference. However, she found an app developing company from Salt Lake City that she believed that she wanted to work with. She shared her idea with the company and shortly began producing the app. The company started producing the app in August 2012. It was completed and ready for market by November 2012. The app is being sold for 99 cents on the Android Market at the time of publication and is available for purchase through the Google Play app store.

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