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Student Invents Ice Cubes that May Decrease DUIs

Student Invents Ice Cubes that May Decrease DUIs

ice cubes duiA research student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has invented ice cubes that could have the potential to decrease the number of DUIs that occur. The special ice cubes use LED lights that conveniently change color to inform a person when he or she has had too much alcohol. The special ice cubes can also text a friend to let him or her know that his or her friend needs help. According to the Huffington Post, the 23-year old researcher invented the device in the fall of 2012 after he went to a college party, blacked out and landed in a hospital with no recollection of the night before. The student is a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, focusing on superhuman interactions. He researched the product as part of the punishment imposed on him by the MIT administration for the blackout. He was ordered to write a paper about alcohol consumption. According to the student, he wanted to design a device that was helpful but also cool to have in a party environment. The ice cubes glow and blink to match the beat of nearby music. The device works by using an accelerometer that keeps a tally of how many times a glass is picked up to someone’s lips and a timer estimate the person’s level of intoxication. The color of the cubes change into green, yellow or red versions.
  • Green means that a person is drinking his or her first drink.
  • Yellow signifies that the alcohol level is starting to get high.
  • Red is a sign that the person should stop drinking.
If the person continues to drink after the cubes turn red, the ice cubes send a text message to a friend who is designated with a special app. While the ice cubes may help to prevent drunk driving, having a designated driver can provide similar results without all of the technology. However, some people will still choose to forego using technological devices or designated drivers to curb drunk driving.

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